Thank you for making your voice heard and joining the NatureAlert campaign to protect wildlife in Europe. 

Unfortunately, the fight is not over yet. 

So far you’ve helped us show Europe’s politicians just how many people care about nature, with more than half a million of us showing support for key European nature laws in a record-breaking public consultation last summer.

Since then, the governments of 12 EU countries and members of seven of the European Parliament’s eight political groupings have also given the laws their backing. Now we need your help once more.


Ask your MEPs to vote to defend our nature on February 2


On February 2 the European Parliament will vote on a crucial report in support of Nature. The MEPs, our representatives in the Parliament, have the chance to send their own political signal in defence of the Nature laws. There is still pressure to see them weakened, which would scupper any chance of reversing bird and wildlife declines.

Vote over. Mission accomplished !